St. Paul's East Canton
St. Paul's East Canton
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Welcome To St. Paul's Community Christian Church, If You Would Like To Attend Our Church "Come To 306 West Church St. East Canton, Ohio" -- Church @ 10:00am
1st   Eric Thomas Budinski
2nd  Cecil Toalston
3rd   Jim Amstutz
6th   Louise Seidel
7th   Beth Schuring
9th   Hannah Burress
        Jean Kintigh
21st  Nikolas Snyder
27th  Milo Fisher
28th  Morgan Floyd
        Phyllis Klemper
30th  Jaxon Burress
31st  Donna Fisher
4th    Ron Burns
5th    Bruce DeLong
11th  Bryant Hicks
13th  Ashlyn Williams
16th  John Callahan
17th  Nancy Owens
18th  Allison Elizabeth Williams
21st  Charlize Fete
21st  Isaiah Dickerhoof
24th  Mary Jane Summerfield
30th  Chloe Jeffries
17th  Bob & Christ Burress

6th     Cecil & Ginny Toalston
30th  Jarred & Heather Zapolnik